While some corporates consider disruptive startups a threat, many see them as an opportunity. In Egypt, there’s been a growing trend of corporates opting to partner with startups across different sectors: banking, real estate, FMCG just to name a few, and while the format and nature of such partnerships differ from case to case, they all take root in the clear advantage that startups bring to corporates:

Here are 8 Reasons To Exhibit Your Company At Techne Summit!

1. Boost brand visibility & showcase your products & services to more than 10,000 attendees throughout the event
2. Tap into the agility of startup innovators and share each other’s networks
3. Meet industry professionals & main players from different countries
4. Have real contact with customers for a great opportunity of face-to-face marketing
5. Create a visual experience for your products and services
6. Build lasting relationships; identify potential employees, build partnerships and strategic alliances
7. Observe what others are doing & assemble valuable dataabout new competitive threats and industry trends for your company
8. Generate more leads, raise sales opportunities & grow your business

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