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Omnichannel in Healthcare

Jailan Yousri
Bilingual (English & Arabic)
"Leading healthcare companies are shifting to omnichannel models to build personalized engagement and stronger relationships with healthcare professionals, which will ultimately translate into better care for patients. our discussion will be about the importance of interactive communications between healthcare providers and patients – whether by online forms or by social media interactions. These channels, digital in nature, augment the patient’s physical visit to the clinic resulting in a true omni-channel patient journey and experience, which healthcare providers can leverage to create more value both for themselves and for their customers. Healthcare providers are concerned with providing more value measured by outcomes and patient satisfaction, while reducing costs. We believe omni-channel healthcare can help providers in achieving all these goals. Engaging with patients is not a uni-directional task (book an appointment, gather or send information); it’s all about promoting and involving patients in a true patient-centric approach. A bi-directional interactive channel engages patients and enables care teams to focus on outcomes."