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A Journey of Growth: Digitalizing Retail to eCommerce

Amr Shawqy
Bilingual (English & Arabic)
The opportunities and growth potential carried by the journey of digitalization are immense. This is what ExpandCart’s Amr Shawqy touches on: the journey of transformation from brick & mortar retail to eCommerce might look shiny on the outside, and it is, but what does it actually entail? In this workshop, learn about all the reasons why the transformation from retail to eCommerce is so rewarding, as well as what you can expect from this half unpaved road to look like. Get to mentally experience all the most important scenarios firsthand: what should you look for in an eCommerce platform to better enable your transformation to eCommerce? What should you expect of yourself to be able to build a successful online store from the ground up? Discuss the importance of the As, Bs, all the way to the Zs of the process - the importance of words and pictures you use in your store, as well as the skills you’ll need to start an eCommerce business whether from scratch or retail. Learn about the resources you’ll need, how to best manage them to reach success, and the bits and pieces everyone should be avoided in the process.