Business Development for Fundraising Startups

Mohamed Aboul Naga
Exits MENA
Description: The "Business Development for Fundraising Startups" workshop is designed to equip entrepreneurs and startup founders with the essential knowledge and skills required to successfully develop and grow their businesses through effective fundraising strategies. This workshop aims to provide attendees with practical insights and actionable techniques to attract investors, secure funding, and accelerate the growth of their startup ventures. Key Objectives: 1. Understanding the Fundraising Landscape 2. Developing a Fundraising Strategy 3. Effective Investor Pitching 4. Building Investor Relationships 5. Due Diligence and Investment Terms Key Takeaways: Participants will walk away from the workshop knowing exactly what steps to take to create a successful fundraising strategy that fits in with their startup's goals and development. Participants will gain the knowledge and practice they need to confidently and effectively pitch their ideas to investors. Participants will leave with the skills they need to negotiate investment terms and agreements, increasing the likelihood that their firms will receive favorable conditions and a plan for obtaining capital, including the skills and contacts to pitch to investors and close funding deals.

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Business pass holders and above