Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs

Ibrahim Abduallah
"Intermediate Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs" workshop is designed for those with a basic understanding of finance, this one-hour session explores advanced topics, including: - Advanced Financial Concepts: Dive into EBITDA, ROI, and liquidity ratios. - Metrics for Growth: Learn how financial metrics drive business expansion. - Financial Forecasting: Master strategic financial planning. - Risk Management: Strategies to safeguard financial stability. - Financing Options: Evaluate equity vs. debt financing. - Tax Planning: Optimize your tax strategy. - Exit Strategies: Plan for future business transitions. - Realistic Goal Setting: Set ambitious yet attainable financial objectives. By the end, you'll possess advanced financial knowledge for better decision-making. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

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Who can attend?
Business pass holders and above