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Raising Series A & Beyond From Growth Stage VCs - DD Process From Contact To Closing

Germine Bouchnack
English and Arabic
- Overview on different investment stages - Overview on what VCs look for in each stage - Main differences between seed and growth stage from both company and investors' perspectives (company evolution, KPIs, etc.) - When and how companies should start engaging with growth stage investors - What to look for in growth stage VCs (how to determine your company-VC fit) - Things to prepare before engaging with growth stage VCs (dataroom, governance, roadmap, etc.) - Deep dive into what to expect during the commercial DD Process (documents, KPIs, questions, timeline, resources, outcomes, etc.) especially after the impact of the recent global tech market shifts - How to prepare as a founder, for potential investment committee (IC) questions - Deep dive on term sheets and how to navigate negotiations (most important clauses, most common terms, what investors ask for vs. what founders look for, etc.) - Closing process requirements and timeline (Tech DD, legal DD, financial & Tax DD) - Brief summary - Snapshot of DD process do's and don'ts from contact to closing

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