Business Intelligence and 20 Business Boosting Tips

Medhat Yassin
Bilingual (English & Arabic)
Business Intelligence: How can we build the data collection process that would affect our business decisions smartly. Data analysis processes and its importance in healthy growth. 20 Business Boosting Tips for Startups: A journey that will take you through tips that would tremendously boost your business, based on actual experience and on-the-ground plans and results. The nature and role of business intelligence in contributing to the delivery of business value and competitive advantage in modern organizations. The relationship of the business intelligence environment, in particular data warehousing and data mining, to different organizational contexts. The data integration process, data profiling, data cleansing and data enhancement, and their contribution to adding value to data. Data warehouse design; star schemas, redundancy, data distribution and security issues. Adding value to data; knowledge discovery, and data mining. Introduction of new material on the use of the data analysis tool Power BI

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